• Very colourfull sabres 1/32 Euro Decals


Euro Decals Very Colourful Sabres ED-32101
Euro Decals sheet featuring a quintet of interesting Sabres, including aerobatic,
target towing and reconnaissance machines from around the world.
The featured aircraft are:
Canadair Sabre Mk. 5, s/n 23285, RCAF, Toronto Air Show, 1955
Mitsubishi F-86F-40 Sabre, s/n 72-7756, 1 Sqn., JASDF, 1970s
North American F-86F Sabre, s/n 31169, “AH-Z”, 332 Sqn. Joker Aerobatic Team,
Norwegian Air Force, 1970s
North American F-86A Target Tug Sabre, s/n 91021, Montana ANG, 1955
North American RF-86F Sabre, s/n 24522, ROK Air Force, 1970s


1 A4 sheet and 1 A5 sheet