• Wolfpak 72-128 Giant Voice Decals
  • Wolfpak 72-128 Giant Voice Decals
  • Wolfpak 72-128 Giant Voice Decals


Wolfpak 72-128 GIANT VOICE

The initial two offerings are ADM-20C ‘Quail’ decoys. These were carried by B-52s and were designed to be launched to spoof enemy radar during bombing missions over the Soviet Union. There are two options. One is a standard overall ADC grey and bare metal operational version, hence the SAC band. The other is a test item that is considerably more colorful.

Next is the 474th TFW Bicentennial bird. This F-111A in in standard SEA style camouflage, but with black undersides.

The first of two AGM-28B ‘Hound Dog’ missiles is net. These were carried by B-52s for a few years. this one is from the mid 1970s and is in the standard SIOP camouflage. The other is from the early 1960s and is overall white.

In between them is an F-117A based in Nevada during early 2019. This one has ‘Dark Knights’ on the tail band.

The QF-100D is one from Tyndall AFB in 1990 and must have been one of the last batch done. I used to see these all the time when I visited Mojave in the 1980s and early 1990s. Overall SEA scheme with international orange markings.

Finally, a B-47E from the 341st BW at Abilene AFB in 1958 with nose markings celebrating the winner of a bombing competition.