• Wolfpak 72-125 Last Of the Mohicans
  • Wolfpak 72-125 Last Of the Mohicans decals printed by Fantasy Printshop


Wolfpak 72-125 Last of the Mohicans

This sheet from Wolfpak decals has another nice mixture of subjects in it.

Among the seven options we have three F-35s.

The initial offering is an F-35C From VFA-147 in November of 2018.

The color of all F-35s is FS 36170, which has a bit of a metallic sheet.

Like all the new build F-35s, this plane does not have the jagged tape all over it.

Next is a 149 FS F-16C from 1993. This aircraft is in the older three greys scheme.

The next F-35 is an F-35A from the 421 FS at Hill AFB in December 2018.

The F-35 fleet is kept very clean to help enhance its RAM paint.

The first of two Vietnam era planes is an OV-10A in overall ADC grey  when assigned to the 23rd TASS at Nahkon Phanom in 1971.

It has an A-37 drop tank  under the wings.

The OV-1C was with the 131st SAC at Phu Bai in late 1966.

The third F-35 is an F-35A as assigned to the RAAF’s 3 Squadron in December 2018.

Finally, we have an E-2D (formerly Hawkeye 2000) from VAW-121 aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln in September 2018.

I know I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.

The instructions are the best in the business and you are provided with a list of kits and upgrade bits required.

The decals are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop.