• Sht 72-122 Color Instructions
  • Wolfpak 72-122 passing the test decals printed by Fantasy Printshop


Wolfpak 72-122 passing the test

First up is a Tornado IDS from JBG 31 based at Norvich in late 1988.

A test bird is next, this one being an A-6A  with the Pacific Missile Test Center in 1981.

This aircraft is carrying a test AGM-109H

The Sea Sprite is an HH-2C with HC-7 that was based at NAS Imperial Beach in 1971. Interestingly,

this base lost all of its units after Vietnam and just became an Outlying Landing Field for the North Island Helo units.

The F-4E is an Edwards test bird used for the USAF’s cruise missile testing in 1984.

The two B-52Gs shown next were used for the Cruise Missile Integration program at Edwards in 1981.

Finally, a nice B-17G from the 470 BS/390 BG in 1945. This subject is what started Wolfpak Decals.

The actual serial is not fully known so two are provided for ‘Lady Faithful’.