• Wolfpak Relaease The Hounds 72-116
  • Wolfpak Relaease The Hounds 72-116


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Wolfpak Release The Hounds 72-116

To start we have a F-86A from the 91st FIS at RAF Bentwaters.

The next two aircraft are F-4D’s assigned to the 433rd and 497th TFS’s respectively at Ubon in Thailand.

The first is shown carrying the 3000lb M118 LGB and the second is one of a handful of jets modified to

carry the Pave Spike pod which was under development at that time.   A Hunter in the latest aggressor scheme follows.

Next up is a F-111F in overall gunship grey from just before the type was retired from service.

Another jet from Bentwaters and the 81st TFW is this F-101C.

To close out this sheet are two aircraft; a C-47A and a C-54G both from Air America.