• Wolfpak 72-104 Death with Finesse
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Wolfpak 72-104 Death with Finesse

Starting with the old timer, we have an F-4B from VF-102 aboard the USS Enterprise in 1962.  Wolfpak 72-104 Death with Finesse

Speaking of greys, we have an F-16CM from the 112 FS Ohio ANG based at Toledo MAP in July of 2016. This one carries the new dark grey, which on this sheet is listed as FS 36170.

Next, an F-35A from the 62 FS, a training squadron at Luke AFB. This one is from September of 2016

Then we have two F-22As. Both of these are from the 95th FS on a deployment to RAF Lake heath in April of 2016. One I the commander’s plane and the other a standard line aircraft.

Finally, an EF-18G of VAQ-132 ‘Scorpions’ in 2011. This one is somewhat unique with the desert colours on the inside and outside of the fin. This one also has mission marks on the nose.