• Wolfpak 72-103 Pony Rides
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Wolfpak 72-103 Pony Rides

This is a pretty neat sheet for modelers of all eras. This is one of the shorter sheets done by Wolfpak Decals, but it includes some neat options. There are four of them on ths particular sheet Wolfpak 72-103 Pony Rides

These are divided into two distinct ‘then and now’ groups. One starts with the P-38L ‘Maloney’s Pony’ with the 27th FS/1st FG based on Corsica in 1944. THis aircraft has red spinners, wing tips and aft tail booms.

In line with that one is ‘Maloney’s Pony’ on an F-15C that was with the more modern 27th FS/1st FW based at Prince Sultan Air Base in 2001.

John Meyer’s P-51D ‘Petie 2nd’ is a very popular subject with Mustang fans and this time we have his 487th FS/352nd FG plane as it was based at RAF Bodney in the Fall of 1944 after the unit went with the large amount of blu on the nose and spinner.

Contrasting that is the 303 FS’s A-10C based at Whiteman AFB in 2016. The connection is that the 303rd adopted the 487th’s squadron insignia to put on its planes. Modelers should note that there are no really modern A-10 kits in this scale. All are A-10As and early ones at that so you’ll have to do some work to bring whatever you use up to specs.