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First is a P-38G named Snooks VII with the 96th FS/82nd FG based at Souk-el-Arba Algeria in 1943.

This desert pink B-24D is with thethe 345th BS/98th BG in August 1943. The Sandman took part in Operation Tidal Wave.

A nice Mosquito NF.XXX from the 416th NFS was based at Pontedera Italy in April of 1945.

Another desert pink plane, this time a B-25C of the 445th BS/321st BG at Qujda, French Morocco in early 1943.

Another plane from the 416th NFS, this time a Beaufighter VII from Grottalie, Italy in November 1943.

Finally, with the nice black and white checkered lower fin is this B-24H, Naughty Angel, with the 757 BS/459 BG at Giulia, Italy in the spring of 1944.