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For this sheet, Wolfpak Decals returns to its usual selection type. In this case, all six subjects are ANG planes. There are kits for all of these so no worries about trying to find something obscure.

Starting in 1968, which has to be about the last year of the type, is a 124 FIS Iowa ANG F-89J Scorpion. This plane is in overall ADC Grey with red tip tanks.

Next is the first of two SEA camouflaged F-86H Sabres. First up is a Connecticut ANG plane from the 104 TFS when it was based at Canon AFB in 1968 during the Pueblo Crisis.

The other is from the 138 TFS, New York ANG based at Hancock Field in 1966. It carries its ‘Boys From Syracuse’ logo on the fuel tanks. This unit transitioned into A-37s, quite a change in performance.

From the 146 TFS, Pennsylvania ANG is an A-7D based at Pittsburgh IAP in 1991. This plane is in overall Euro I camouflage and has nose art on the right side.

The most current plane on the sheet is an F-16CM of the 125 FS based at Tulsa, Oklahoma. This plane is in the overall dark grey that is typical of aircraft with the wild weasel mission.

Finally, after the retirement of the C-141, the 186 AW, Mississippi ANG transitioned into the C-27J. The plane is in overall grey in a colour close to FS 36300, which is apparently a lighter grey than the standard AMC Grey. Undoubtedly the colour was painted at the factory in Italy.