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For this new Wolfpak Decals sheet we concentrate on things that have to do with generally dry places. There are eight different options with this one and some rather interesting subjects as well.

First up is an OA-10A that was with the 23rd TASS based at Davis-Mothan AFB in 1991. All OA-10s are either in the boneyard or converted back to standard A-10s. There are also no more TASS units.

Next is an OV-10G. Three OV-10Ds were pulled out of storage for service in Afghanistan in 2015. They were not assigned to any specific unit according to an addendum sheet, and were not equipped with gun sights, the helmet mounted sight being used instead. They had no insignia and aside from nose markings strikingly like those of VAL-4, were unmarked. The reason these were tried was the cost. It cost $45,000 per flight hour for an F-16 when this plane could do the same job for $5,000 per flight hour. Though the program is no longer operating, the lessons have been learned and it would not be surprising to see this mission taken over by Afghan Super Tucanos.

Next is a Jordanian Mirage F.1EJ from 1 Squadron in 1983.

The HH-60G was with the 33rd RS at Bagram AFB in 2008.

Now out of service, this F-111E from the 20th TFW was based at Incirlik in 1991.

The F-117A was with the 415 TFS at King Khalid RSAB in 1991.

The Iranian F-14A was a pretty interesting aircraft. This one was not only an Iraqi MiG killer, but was used in a program to carry Hawk missiles. As the Hawk and Sparrow are similar in how they work, it was thought that it could be used in the same way. Iran had no problems getting Hawks from Greece, Israel and other nations and while some sources say the Hawks successfully downed Iraqi jets, nothing is documented. Two serial options are provided.

Finally, a B-52G ‘Viper’ from the 379th BW at Wurtsmith AFB in 1991. One of the last operational G models.

There are kits available for all the subjects so modeling any of these will be easy enough.  As usual for Wolfpak, the decals are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop and the sheet comes with the best background information provided by any sheet in the business. I personally like the multiple types on one sheet format as it allows a variety of builds to be done from a single sheet