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For this new Wolfpak Decals sheet we concentrate to some extent on the wild weasel types, though of course, not all the options fit that description.

Case in point is the initial offering from VMFA-531. This was one of two USMC fighter squadrons based on the USS Coral Sea during the failed Operation Eagle Claw. This unit had yellow and black bands on the right wing, which covered the US insignia.

Next is a small mouth F-16CM from the 157 FS, South Carolina ANG. This is painted in the F-35 color, a shade that will eventually be included on all USAF wild weasel squadrons.

The F-105F was based at Nellis AFB with the 4537 CCTS in 1969. This unit was tasked with training F-105 wild weasel crews.

With the same unit is a T-39F in standard camouflage of white over ADC grey.

Moving to the army, we have an AH-64D of 8/229 ‘Flying Tigers’ based at Fort Knox in 2012. This aircraft is replete with the shark mouth and the flying tiger logo.

The last options is an MC-130E with the 1st SOS based at Kadena AFB in 1993. This aircraft has the overall greys scheme used by this type at the time.

There are kits or conversions available for all the subjects so modeling any of these will be easy enough. The T-39 is either available in resin or the old Rareplanes vacuform kit.  As usual for Wolfpak, the decals are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop and the sheet comes with the best background information provided by any sheet in the business. I personally like the multiple types on one sheet format as it allows a variety of builds to be done from a single sheet.