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This latest Wolfpak Decals sheet is another great collection of aircraft. In this case the theme linking most of these is the use of the devil in the unit badge. We start off with an F-15A from the 433 FWS based at Nellis AFB in 1980. This one is a standard camo of the time of the lighter greys carried by Eagles in the first decade or so of their service.

Next is an F-4D from the 433rd TFS when based in Ubon, Thailand during the Vietnam war. This one is in standard SEA camouflage and is a unit that was equipped with the AGM-62 Walleye.

Moving to the Marines, we have an FJ-4B from VMF-232. This light gull grey over white plane was based at MCAS Kaneohe in Hawaii during 1958.

The first of two rather recent aircraft is an A-10C of the 107FS, Michigan ANG. This is when the plane was based at Kandahar in January of 2012.

It is followed by an F-16C of the 119 FS, New Jersey ANG, when deployed to Bagram AFB in December 2011.

Finally, we have a VQ-2 EA-3B from the Desert Storm era. This aircraft was prominent at the International Air Tattoo in 1991 and wears a sharkmouth. It was not long after that when the Skywarrior was removed from VQ service. There is a kit for this plane from Hasegawa, unfortunately, it is sorely lacking in all the proper fuselage details of a ‘version’ Skywarrior, relying on a decal for the side entrance door and windows.