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This latest Wolfpak Decals sheet has eight options covering a time span from the late 1950s until 2014, again with most of the options being USAF.

First up is an SEA camouflages F-4G Wild Weasel from the 39th TFS/35th TFW. At one time the 35th TFW had four weasel squadrons and this was the first one to go. This is from 1978.

The most modern option is an F-35C from VF-101, the USN training squadron at Eglin AFB. All F-35 training for all three services is held at Eglin to make maintenance easier.

A nice O-2A from the 20th TASS/507 TACW based at Shaw AFB in 1986 is next. This one ins in a pseudo-Euro 1 camouflage scheme of a single green and grey, which was rather standard with TASS aircraft at the time.

The large shark mouth belongs to an F-4E of the 512 TFS/86 TFW when it was based at Ramstein AFB in 1984. This aircraft carries the SEA wrap camouflage scheme.

Wolfpak provides three different markings options for the same aircraft, an EC-130E of the 193rd SOG, Pennsylvania ANG. You get the 1980 SEA scheme and two grey schemes from 1992, one with the majority of the fuselage in the lighter grey.

The last option is a rather unusual one, an RB-69A when based at Eglin AFB in 1957. The USAF had at least one of these to use for ELINT work at the time. It is painted in an overall gloss sea blue.