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Wolfpak Decals provides a nice mixture of new and old with this sheet, providing markings for five aircraft.

The first offering is an F-18E from VFA-143. This is the CAG bird with a light blue tail and was flying aboard the USS Eisenhower during September 2014. It wears mission markings on both sides of the nose.

From January 2006 is an A-10A from the 47 FS. This unit has a nice hog nose design that modelers enjoy. As occurred just prior to Desert Storm, where the A-10 did such outstanding work, there is a move afoot to retire the plane as soon as possible, citing high maintenance costs. Perhaps, but the cost of maintaining an A-10 has to be less than that of buying and operating an F-35A, its replacement.

As the EA-18G gets into fleet service, replacing the EA-6B, we get more and more markings opportunities. Such is the case with another CAG bird, this one from VAQ-137 from May 2014.

This one was news to me. Apparently the 194 FS, California ANG, has retired its F-16s and has received F-15Cs from the Montana ANG, which has left its decades long air intercept mission to fly C-130s. Perhaps these are now air intercept C-130 as it does pretty well leave our northern borders unprotected by air defense. This particular plane is one that I saw with the 57 FIS at Keflavik in the late 1980s.

Finally a nice RB-57A from the 7407th Support Squadron based at Rhein-Main in 1956. This glossy black Canberra is one of the planes with the early style canopy so you can use a standard Airfix kit on this one. The sheet includes the red wing walk areas, which is a nice touch.