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Sheet 72-081          
UH-1N “The Rock” Missile site support helo, B-52H, “Red Gremlin”
Paul “Nuke” Tibbets III, FB-111A Double Trouble,
RC-135W “Broken Promises, WC-135C or WC-135W Constant Phoenix
sampler aircraft
Wolfpak Decals goes big on this sheet with options for six mostly quite large aircraft, all of them assigned to SAC units.

The first is the smallest of the group, a UH-1N assigned to the 37th HS, 90th SMW at FE Warren AFB in Wyoming. This aircraft is from 2011 and is camouflaged in what appears to be the Euro I scheme, something the USAF did away with on pretty much all its aircraft about 15 or 20 years ago.

Of course, there is a B-52H. This one is ‘Red Gremlin II’ from the 93rd BS/307 BW, a reserve unit flying out of Barksdale AFB. Right now there are only three bomb wings flying the B-52. The 307th and 2nd at Barksdale and the 5th at Minot AFB.

The third option is an FB-111A that was with one of the two bomb wings that flew the type, the 380th at Pease AFB. This is in the SAC greens scheme. Both the FB-111 and Pease AFB are no more.

For the last options, we have three 55th Wing planes from Offut AFB. Firs is an RC-135W from September 1996 named ‘Broken Promises’. Next, from 2011 is a WC-135W with a row of atomic symbols on the forward fuselage. This and the next plane, a WC-135C from 2008 do not have the long nose of the first option. All three have TF-33 engines.