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This sheet covers seven subjects and five different aircraft types.

FIrst up is an F-5E from the 57th FWW at Nellis AFB during 1981. Thie plane is in the SEA camo scheme and was one used for aggressor training.

Next is an F-18C from probably one of the last fleet units to operate the legacy Hornet. This particular plane is the squadron commander’s plane from 2006 so has a bit of color in the fin markings.

Sheet 72-080       A Flash of Lightning

F-5e aggressor, F/A-18C of FA-34 Blue Blasters F-35C X 2, VX-23 on board the Nimitz for sea trails.
C-123K with white wing panels 315th SOW, Vetnam, C-123K Westover AFB,  RF-84F 32nd TRS

There are two F-35Cs on this sheet, both from VX-23, part of the Strike Directorate at Pax River. These planes are assigned to test out carrier suitability so we have both the first and second F-35C to land on a carrier with the second plane having a bit more color than the first.

Two C-123K aircraft are also included on this sheet. Both are in the SEA camouflage scheme. The first is from 1968 and was with the 19th ACS, 315 SOW at Phan Rang in 1968. The second is from 1979 and based at Westover AFB with the 731st TAS, an AFRES unit.

Finally, an aircraft from the 1957 time frame, an RF-84F that was based with the 32nd TRS at Spangdahlem Germany.