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Wolfpak 72-0079  There are five subjects; two Navy and three Air Force

First up is an F-4C from the 12th TFW based at Cam Rhan Bay in 1968. THis one is the wing commander’s plane with the multi colored stripes on the fin and intake. THe plane is named ‘shehasta’.


Next we have an A-6A from VA-75 in 1965. This one was based on the USS Independence and carries a rather impressive mission tally.

From 1972 is an F-111A with the 430 TFS based at Takhli AFB. As with all F-111As, it has a black underside to its SEA camouflage scheme.

‘Chico the Gunfighter’ is an F-4E that was based with the 421st TFS/366th TFW at DaNang later in the war. The instructions state this one had the Midas 4 gun blast diffuser which was installed to prevent gun gasses from causing engine flame-out when ingested. These were initially installed in Block 48 aircraft starting with serial 71-0244 and retrofitted to earlier planes from about 1972/73 onward, making these markings probably post January 1973 ceasfire.

Finally, a VP-40 SP-5B Marlin. This unit was based at Cam Rahn Bay in 1967 and is in the standard white over light gull grey that was the norm for patrol aircraft.