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First up is an F-16C from the 69 TFS/347 TFW back in May 1991, before the ‘Tactical’ was removed from unit names (a move which undoubtedly cost millions of dollars in changing paperwork alone).

Also part of the Moody AFB theme is an A-10A from the 70 FS/347 FW from April of 1997. This is the boss bird and has a blue fin cap.

Next are a couple of Hill AFB based aircraft with the 4th FS. One is an F-16CG when based at Bagram AFB in March 2011, while the other is a two seat F-16DG from March 2006.

A PBM-5 Mariner from VP-50 in July 1955 is the fifth option. It is painted overall sea blue.

The final option is a retro scheme applied to a P-3C of VP-6 (Blue Sharks), based at Kaneohe Bay in August 2011.