• wolfpak 72-076 hauling the mail military transport printed by fantasy printshop
  • wolfpak 72-076 hauling the mail military transport decals printed by fantasy printshop


First is an A-7D of the 146 TFS, Pennsylvania ANG based at Pittsburgh in 1981. Standard SEA camouflage with the later black lettering.

Next is a Royal Lao Air Force C-47A from sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s. This aircraft is in overall aluminum lacquer and was configured for VIPs.

The first F-105F was from the 34th TFS/388 TFW in April 1967. This was based at Korat and has the standard SEA camouflage.

Next is a C-123B From 1966 when AMC was MATS. This aircraft has a white upper surface with aluminum most everywhere else. The fuselage band, nose and wing tips are in da-glo, making for a colorful aircraft.

Finally, the second F-105F with the 34th TFS/388th TFW from 1967. This one has a modified camouflage scheme that wraps to the underside of the aircraft. A diagram of this scheme is provided in the instructions.