Wolfpak 720075 Riders on the storm

First option is a TA-4F assigned to VA-164 aboard the USS Hancock in 1972. The unit had two of these aircraft used to laser designate targets for LGB usage. These designators were hand held by the back seater.

Next is a CH-3C from the 4488th TS at Eglin AFB in June 1985. Overall gloss olive drab.

The A-7E is with VA-86 aboard the USS America in 1981. Gloss gull grey over gloss white and probably one of the last times these planes had some color.

From May 1967 is this F-4C from the 435th TFS based at Ubon AB in Thailand. This plane got the fourth MiG kill of the war. Note that there is no IR sensor under the nose.

Finally, a very colorful QF-80F drone as part of the 3205th Drone Group in 1952. This plane had wing pylons and a lower fuselage hook. It is in overall orange-red.