Wolfpak 72072 gamblers

First up are a pair of F-102s. One is a 134 FIS, Vermont ANG plane from 1972. This aircraft has the Case XX wing. The Case XX wing was installed starting with aircraft 56-1317 and not retrofitted to earlier planes. The other is a rather bare 86 FIS Case X winged plane based at Youngstown Municipal Airport in 1958. This one does have ‘Mr Magoo II’ nose art. There are only two kits available. For the Case X wing, use the Hasegawa or the first boxing of the Meng kit. For the Case XX wing, you’ll need the Meng kit with the camo box art. Both are painted in overall ADC Grey (FS 16473).

Next is an F-4D with the 90th TFS based at Clark AFB in 1974. This is in SEA camouflage with a white fin tip. Kits from Hasegawa, Fujimi and Monogram would be good ones.

The first foreigner is an F-8H with the 7th FS of the Philippine Air Force in 1978. This is painted in the rather unusual scheme of dark gull grey over light gull grey. The recommended kit is the Academy version with a nose conversion.

Another Vietnam veteran is the F-105G of the 17th WWS based at Korat in early 1972. This kit is in the standard SEA scheme. Kits have been done by Monogram and by Trumpeter.

The A-10C is one assigned to the 81st FS in late 2009. This is in the usual greys and has a yellow fin tip. Aside from the cockpit, there are a few other mods to the airframe and the instructions lists who does the C upgrade. Lots of kits available for the A-10.

Second foreigner is a Thai Navy AV-8A from 1999. These are ex-Spanish planes and have been upgraded with Harrier GR.3 tails. Colors have not been documented so you are on your own for these. Several AV-8A kits are out there from ESCI, Airfix and Hasegawa.

The final option, which is not shown because the sheet is too tall for my scanner, is a C-140 from the 773rd TAS at Clark AFB in 1971. It is tail coded QG and is in SEA camo. Best bet is the older Airfix kit or backdating the Italeri C-130H.