• Skyraiders-Korean-War-USN_700_600_E1RS
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  • Skyraiders-Korean-War-USN_700_600_E1RU
  • Skyraiders-Korean-War-USN_700_600_E1RV
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Euro Decals Skyraiders Korean War USN ED 48106

ED-48106 is one of two new sheets from Euro Decals covering the Douglas Aircraft Company’s’ flying dump truck involvement in the Korean War.

The sheet holds markings for four machines as follows:

  • Bureau number 123851, an AD-4NL assigned to VA-115 aboard the USS Philippine Sea in February 1951.
  • Bureau number 12046, an AD-4B of VC-33 embarked on the USS Bon Homme Richard in 1952.
  • Bureau number 122239 from VA-923 aboard the USS Philippine Sea in 1952.
  • Bureau number 123771 from VA-75 embarked aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard in 1952.

Each of the machines wears the then standard overall glossy sea blue camouflage scheme.  Being attack squadrons (bar the third option) and the 5th embarked aboard they are wearing the correct mid-green trim to their fin caps and the fronts to their propeller bosses as well as the numeral 5 to commence their modex numbers.  The odd one out is the third option which wears red trim, a colour normally associated with the embarked fighter squadrons.