• RB-D Productions 021 I.A.R.80 decals
  • RB-D Productions 72021 I.A.R.80 .Decals
  • RB-D Productions 72021 I.A.R.80 .Decals
  • RB-D Productions 72021 I.A.R.80 .Decals
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RB-D 48-021 I.A.R.80 Decals

The I.A.R.80/81 is a subject that’s close to Radu Brinzan’s heart and his latest decal release is a sheet devoted primarily to the first and second production series of the I.A.R.80 (the pure fighter version) in 1:72, 1:48 and 1:32.

The sheet is beautifully produced and provides decals for seven I.A.R.80s and a single I.A.R.81 sporting a mix of pre-war and WW2 markings:

A. I.A.R.80 No. 2 of Escadrila de Experiențe, August 1940
B. I.A.R.80 No. 3 of Şc. Vt/Flt. 3Vt., Galați, October 1943
C. I.A.R.80 No. 9 of Gr.8 Vt/Flt. 2Vt., March 1941
D. I.A.R.81-C No. 17 of Esc.41 Vt. Gr.8Vt., July 1941
E. I.A.R.80 No. 22 of Esc.42/52 Vt., Gr.1Vt., July 1941
F. I.A.R.80 No. 26, July 1941
G. I.A.R.80 No. 42 of Esc.42/52 Vt., August 1941
H. I.A.R.80 No. 24 of Flt.2 Vt./Gr.8Vt., March 1941