• Romanian-Messerschmitt-BF109E-part-2_700_600_43RSI
  • Romanian-Messerschmitt-BF109E-part-2_700_600_43RSJ
  • Romanian-Messerschmitt-BF109E-part-2_700_600_43RSK


This is the second decal sheet featuring seven Messerschmitt Bf.109E aircraft of the Romanian 7th Fighter Group that were used during Operation Barbarossa and Battle of Stalingrad. Each aircraft features a slogan, a victory tally or both. More information about these aircraft can be found in the book “Romanian Fighter Colours 1941 – 1945” by Teodor Liviu Morosanu and Dan Alexandru Melinte published by MMP Books in 2010 available here: http://mmpbooks.biz/mmp/books.php?book_id=115