• Forein-Spitfire-MK-1Xc-e-Pt1_700_600_24EXN
  • Forein-Spitfire-MK-1Xc-e-Pt1_700_600_24EXO
  • Forein-Spitfire-MK-1Xc-e-Pt1_700_600_24EXP
  • Forein-Spitfire-MK-1Xc-e-Pt1_700_600_24EXQ
  • Forein-Spitfire-MK-1Xc-e-Pt1_700_600_24EXR
  • Forein-Spitfire-MK-1Xc-e-Pt1_700_600_24EXS
  • Forein-Spitfire-MK-1Xc-e-Pt1_700_600_24EXT


O H Models 32-003 Forein Spitfire MK.1Xc/e Pt1

This sheet containts markings for 6 Spitfire MkIX in foreign service. They are:

MKIXc TD281 of the Belguim Air Force.

HFIXe 41/407 of the Danish Air Force.

MKIXc MA574 of the French Air Force.

MKIXe YV.17 of the Turkish Air Force.

LFIXC MJ858 of the Soviet Air Force.

HFMKIXe 41/422 of the Danish Air Force.

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