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Freightdog Models ‘Brits at Sea’ Pt1 decal FD72005

Freightdog Models ‘Brits at Sea’ Pt1 decal (1/72)

The latest decal sheet from Freightdog, designed by Jon Freeman and printed by Fantasy Print shop is going to be our most popular so far. Entitled Brits at Sea, subjects covered include Corsair Mk.IV KD750 of 1846 NAS (with ‘Mother Goose’ nose art) based in South Africa, 1946, Corsair Mk.IV KD386 ‘Audrey’ of 791 NAS British Pacific Fleet at Sembawang 1945, Grumman Hellcat Mk.II JZ931 C3-M of 800 NAS 1945, Hellcat II JZ796 C7-X ‘Patoruzo’ or JZ789 C7-D (featuring rare chequer cowling), Grumman Avenger Mk.III JZ670 of 707 NAS 1946 or KE461 of 703 NAS 1946 (featuring a Skull and Cross bones on tail), Grumman Wildcat Mk.VI JV851 JE-V of 794 NAS late 1945, DH Mosquito FB.6 FD-4L, 811 NAS 1946, natural metal Seafire III NN452 ‘S141′ flown by Lt. Cdr N.G.’Buster’ Hallet DSC & Bar, CO of 24th Naval Fighter Wing aboard HMS Indefatigable, late 1945 and Seafire XV PR497 of 767 NAS, RNAS Miltown 1949.