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Freightdog FSD 48-003 Brits Abroad Pt2 RAF Minor Post-War Conflicts

‘Brits Abroad II’, this time covering the RAF aircraft involved in minor conflicts in the Post-War period between 1948-57 . Subjects included are a Bristol Beaufighter from 45 sqn, Malaya 1948, Mosquito FB6 from 4 sqn, RAF Celle, West Germany 1949, Tempest F6 from 6 sqn and Spitfire Mk18 from 208 sqn, MEAF Egypt 1949, Spitfire XIX from 81 sqn, RAF Selatar 1954 (‘The Last!’), two Havard’s from 1340 flt based in Kenya, 1955, and a Meteor PR10 from 541 sqn, RAF Germany 1957.