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Firestreak FSD 48-001 11 Squadron Lightnings

This sheet is focused on late 11 Squadron Lightnings providing 14 different marking options and covering

most of the schemes worn by these aircraft.

The majority of the markings are for the more common F.6 although options are also provided for those of you

with the older F.3 kit or wishing to convert this kit into the T.5.


Enough markings and roundels are provided to complete one natural metal aircraft, one green/grey camouflaged

aircraft and two grey aircraft.

If using the kit roundels you’d be able to build another green/grey camouflaged aircraft and another grey aircraft.

As far as we know, this is the most accurate Lightning sheet released and features accurate “double eagle” tail markings,

which differ from aircraft to aircraft (hence we provided all the types). We also provided accurately researched names

for the pilots/ground crew where applicable.