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Fantasy Printshop Airfile FPAF 32-001 Hawker Hunter single seater.

Hawker Hunter 32001 Single seater 9 options all 3 A5 sheets available separately

I dare say there are few fans of 1950s and 1960s jets who do not like the Hawker Hunter. It is one of those iconic aircraft that seems to just look right. Like the Canberra, the Hunter was used by dozens of units in its hey-day of the mid-late 1950s. Designed as an interceptor, it was also quite capable as a fighter bomber and had substantial overseas sales, many of them ex-RAF planes upgraded for local conditions.

Having seen this subject done in 1/72 and 1/48, it was inevitable that we’d see it in 1/32 for the big Revell kit. On this set, we have markings for nine aircraft. Unless mentioned, the aircraft are painted in dark sea grey and dark green over high speed silver.

There are three sheets in the set and for those who wish it, the roundels sheet is available separately for £4.95 and the serials sheet for £3.95. This is a great offer for those with the shelf space to build multiples from this sheet.

First up is an F.4 from 3 Squadron during 1957 when stationed at Geilnkirchen, Germany.

Next is a 4 Squadron F.4 from Jever in 1956.

The plane with the Suez Stripes is an F.5 from 34 Squadron then based at Tangmere but moved to Cyprus for the Suez conflict in 1956.

The lone Hunter in a wraparound scheme is an F.6 that was oprerating with 12 Squadron during 1984.

We then go to another F.6, this time with 20 Squadron based at Gutersloh in 1959.

One with a light grey underside is a 79 Squadron F.6 from Brawdy in the late 1970s.

A 229 OCU F.6 based at Duxford in 1960 is the next plane.

In a trainer scheme of red, white, and grey is this 4 FTS aircraft from Valley in 1974.

We then end things with the sheet’s only FGA.9, that being one of 8 Squadron based at Khormaksar in 1962.