• Eurodecals Very colour full sabres 1/32 scale decals
  • Euro Decals very colourfull sabers ED-32101 part 1
  • Euro Decals very colourfull sabers ED-32101 part 2
  • Eurodecals Very colour full sabres 1/32 scale decals
  • Eurodecals Very colour full sabres 1/32 scale decals


Euro Decals Very Colourful Sabres ED-32101
Euro Decals sheet featuring a quintet of interesting Sabres, including aerobatic,
target towing and reconnaissance machines from around the world.
The featured aircraft are:

1) “91021”, North American F-86A Target Tug Sabre, Montana Air National Guard, Nellis Air Force Base, 1955. Overall yellow color scheme with natural metal rear canopy framing, nose cap, wings and drop tanks. FS35180 Blue edged in white nose area, wing tips, front area of fuel tanks and horizontal band across the fin.

2) “12724”, North American F-86E Sabre, USAF, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards Air Force Base, August, 1951. Overall natural metal with a FS28915 Day-Glo fluorescent orange canopy and forward nose area. 12724 was one of 4 F-86Es which took part in breaking the closed-circuit speed record in 1951.

3) “24522”, North American RF-86F Sabre, Hankook Kong Goon, (Republic of Korea Air Force), circa 1970s. This photo-reconnaissance aircraft was painted in USAF standard SEA (Southeast Asia) scheme of FS30219 Tan, FS34102 Dark Green and FS34079 Green over FS36622 Gray undersides.

4) “23285”, Canadair Sabre Mk5, RCAF, Toronto Air Show, 1955. Overall red scheme with natural metal canopy framing,nose cap wings and drop tanks and black anti-glare panel.

5) “72-7756”, Mitsubishi F-86F-40 Sabre, of No.1 Squadron, Japanese Air Self-Defense Force, circa 1970s. Natural metal with red fuselage band and nose cap.

6) “31169”, North American F-86F Sabre, “AH-2”, of No.332 Squadron, Joker Aerobatic Team, Norwegian Air Force circa 1970s. Overall natural metal with red, white and blue Joker Aerobatic Team markings on the wing upper and lower surfaces and red upper tips to the fuel tanks. Metallic bronze nose area with a natural metal nose cap.

Fantasy Printshop printed these decals and they are superb. They are crisply printed, fully legible, in register and have excellent color.

1 A4 sheet and 1 A5 sheet