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Euro Decals Telic Tonkas ED32100

In case you are unfamiliar with the lingo, Operation Telic is the British code name for the most recent sojourn to the sandpit (Telic is derived from the word for “purposeful” in Greek,, but one wit has suggested that the initials stood for Tell Everyone Leave Is Cancelled), while “Tonka” refers to the nickname for the Tornado.

Euro Decals first 1/32 scale release provides a whopping 18 options for Operation Telic Tornado GR. Mk.4s. Although the finish of all the aircraft is very standard – overall Camouflage Grey – each aircraft features unique and usually humorous nose art, in addition to bomb logs and other markings in some cases(including two shark’s mouths).

In this scale the nose art is large and quite striking.

Two full sets of national markings are also supplied. One set features a deeper pink than the other, so check your references before choosing. A generous selection of stencil decals for multiple aircraft are also provided. One more nice touch is the inclusion of camouflage grey decal patches in case the modeller want to depict the stencils from the original paint finish masked and sprayed.

The decals are printed by Fantasy Printshop and they are a joy to behold. They are thin and glossy, with minimal carrier film.

Instructions are supplied on two glossy, double-sided A4 sheets with attractive and plentiful diagrams supported by helpful notes (click thumbnails below to see larger image of instruction pages).

Colour callouts include reference to BS number, closest FS match and cross reference for Humbrol and Xtracolour, Lifecolor and Gunze paints (nice to see the acrylic colour references making an appearance).

Revell’s re-issued kit is a GR.1 variant, so you will need Flightpath’s 1/32 scale update set to convert to this most recent Tornado.