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Euro Decals Skyraider Korean War USMC ED72-107

Euro Decals has come up with another set of markings for Korean War Skyraiders. This time, concentrating on those flown by the Marines.  All of the subjects are in overall Gloss Sea Blue, as was the norm during that time.  Euro Decals has pretty well covered every known kit in the recommended listing. In 1/72 you have Hasegawa, Heller and Airfix. Into the mix you can toss Tsukuda and Fujimi if you have all those oldies. In 1/48 there is Tamiya, Italeri/ESCI and Monogram.

All will have to be backdated as these kits are basically AD-6s. From what I gather by asking questions, one has to remove one of the wing cannon, remove the underside and fuselage side armor plating, and backdate the wing pylons, possibly by robbing those from Panther and Banshee kits as they would have had the proper early pylons.

Option 1 is an AD-3 from VMA-121 in 1951. It has a black anti-glare panel and prop hub.

Next is an AD-2Q from VMC-1 in December 1952. It will require some additional mods to add the operator’s compartment and door to this one.

The third option is another AD-3, this time from VMA-212 in 1952. This aircraft has a white fin tip, wing tips and prop boss tip. Matte black anti-glare panel.

The sheet includes insignia for two of the three options and is very nicely printed. The white appears to be double printed to prevent any problems with bleed-through. I saw no registration problems and my experience with these decals has been quite favorable.