• Euro Decals ED32-120 Panavia Tornado GR4 4A part 2
  • ED-72120 Panavia Tornado GR.4-4A Pt2 72 scale Printed by Fantasy Printshop


Euro Decals Panavia Tornado GR.4/4A Part 2 ED-72120

Screen printed by Fantasy Printshop

There are several 1/72 kits out there and most will probably gravitate to the Revell or perhaps the Hasegawa kit, though the latter is said to have issues around the cockpit. Italeri also has released one, but I’m pretty sure that is the old ESCI tooling. There are also older kits by Airfix and Monogram if you have them in your stash.

The first option provided is from 14 squadron based at Lossiemouth in 2005 and is in the 90th anniversary scheme with a roundel blue fin.

Next up is an aircraft from 31 squadron aircraft based at RAF Marham in 2005. It also celebrates the 90th anniversary of the unit. Note that the nose flash was not handed on the original sheet, but a replacement decal is provided.

The final option is from 15 squadron, also at Lossiemouth in 2005. It has a black fin leading edge/tip and a black spine that also encompasses the cockpit. This aircraft also is marked in celebration of their 90th anniversary.

The decal sheet is very large and provides all the unique markings and insignia for all three markings. Stencils will need to come from the kit though Fantasy Printshop does offer a separate stencil sheet for the Tornado




  • Powerplant: two Turbo-Union RB.199 Mk 103 turbofans each rated at 16,000lb st (71.50kN) with afterburning
  • Length: 56ft 6¼in (17.23m)
  • Height: 19ft 6¼in (5.95m)
  • Wingspan, spread: 45ft 7½in (13.91m)
  • Wingspan, swept: 28ft 1in (8.56m)
  • Wing area: 286.33sqft (26.60m2)
  • Maximum take-off weight around: 61,600lb (27,950kg)
  • Maximum speed: Mach 1.3
  • Armament: Paveway II, III and IV series GPS/laser-guided bombs and Brimstone air-to-ground missiles, Storm Shadow cruise missiles, ASRAAM for self defence and one internal 27mm Mauser cannon, plus 1,500-litre and/or 2,250-litre drop tanks and Litening III targeting pod, RAPTOR, Sky Shadow and BOZ countermeasures pods, up to a maximum disposable load of around 19,840lb (9,000kg)