• Aims Junkers Auntie Ju 52 48D008
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Aims Junkers Auntie Ju 52 48D008

Junkers Auntie Ju 52

Two very nice markings options, neither of which is in a standard camo scheme, though that is provided with the instructions.

The first one is from a period color photo of a IV.Stab/Kg.z.b.V.1aircraft in Greece during 1941 It in in the base RLM 70/71 scheme with large areas of RLM 02, also in a splinter pattern. Yellow rudder and elevators along with the cowlings so a very colorful option.

The other is an ambulance version with pre-war RLM 61/62/63 upper surface colors and a black underside. This aircraft has pseudo civil markings that was common with these types of aircraft. This aircraft has a gun position atop the cockpit canopy.