• Aims HE177 A-3 & A-5 48D009
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 Aims HE177 A-3 & A-5 48D009

We have seven different options, several of them quite similar. For instance, the first three planes are all from 2./KG 100 and painted with RLM 74 or 75 mottles over an RLM 76 upper color. The underside and fins on these three are all in black, and all three have red spinners. All three are also aircraft with names with E being ‘Edith’, H being ‘Helga’ and S being ‘Susi’.

The other black bottomed plane is from 6./KG 1. It has what looks like a green or possibly RLM 70 spinner. The camouflage scheme is similar from the previous options in that there is no underwing insignia and the fin is not black.

Next is a day bomber scheme with 2./KG 4. This one has black spinners with a white circle and yellow triangles. Note also that the upper engine cowling is a solid RLM 70 or 71. This has mottling on the side that is very faint. Note also the mottling on the forward bomb bay door and none on the fin.

The standard RLM 70/71/65 paint scheme is used on the next plane from 1./KG 40. This has quite heavy mottling on the fuselage sides and also adorned with a white stripe on the spinner.

Finally, a totally unmottled plane with no unit markings, though it is surmised it was to be with KG 40. Factory fresh RLM 70/71/65 paint scheme with the last three of the serial on the lower nose and fin